Wednesday, March 06, 2013

La Grande Bouffe!, rev. ed.

Have you heard the news?

Foodlab and our friends at Cult MTL are teaming up to present a very special night of aural and oral pleasures (so to speak).

bouffe:bal fig. a:  bouffe/bal

The occasion:  the release of Cult MTL's eagerly anticipated March issue.

The location:  the SAT's Foodlab.  Saturday, March 9.  7:00 p.m.

The attractions:  Foodlab, Nouveau Palais, Soupson, and Dispatch Coffee will be combining their considerable talents to produce a $25 4-course meal & The Suuns (the March issue's cover boys) will follow with a $5 DJ set to celebrate the release of their most recent record, Images du Futur.  (Want to get yourself primed?  Check out the entire album here.)  But, get this:  if you buy a ticket for that tasty 4-course meal, you'll be admitted into the dance party gratis.

cult mtl stack fig. b:  suuns/cult

Sounds awesome, right?

Oh, it will be.  Just look at the menu.

bouffe menu fig. c:  le menu

As Michelle is so fond of saying:  bouffe!

bouffe! fig. d:  santé!

Interested?  You can purchase tix here.


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