Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not for kids

Vietnamese coffee popsicle
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I have been trying all sorts of ways to make Vietnamese coffee ice cream without completely modifying the simple recipe: strong coffee + sweetened condensed milk. All of my efforts have ended up with granité, which has been delicious, but not the point. I wrongly supposed that condensed milk was closer to cream than milk, and found out it didn't have enough fat to stay creamy. I could always make an anglaise-based version, I guess, but then why not call it coffee ice cream?

The other day while returning home from the dentist $350 the poorer, I passed by Les Touilleurs and weakened at the sight of a popsicle mold which mimicked the ones from my childhood. I always had the tubular ones from the dollar store, and my mom used those to make her famous banana creamsicles, but there is something more authentic about being able to break your popsicle in two...

As you can see from the picture above, I buckled under the pressure and bought the thing. I filled them with Vietnamese coffee and froze them solid. Perfect pick-me-ups on a summer's day.



Oblivia said...


Iso G said...

Popsicle with punch.

Anonymous said...

you were stuffing the ice cream in the freezer,
weren't ya? hrm? i don't think its just the
fat that keeps the ice cream from getting hard,
but the formation of ice crystals.

there's several tricks to keep large crystals
from forming. one is to use very low temps
and to get a temp drop before the crystals

that's why there's "STIRRING" involved in
most methods while the temp is dropped. BUT
there is another way...

Melissa said...

I just recently stumbled across your blog, and I really love it - so witty and so many great recipes! Would you mind if I linked to you from my site?

aj kinik said...

Not at all. Please do. What's your site? Let us know.


Melissa said...

Great! My site is - mostly food, a bit of travel ;)

michel said...

can i ask for the recipe for these? we just got the moulds from les touilleurs, and made some amazing fudgesicles (using alton brown's recipe). now i want these coffee ones!

michelle said...

The recipe is so easy... Brew about 2 cups of espresso, like in a stovetop maker, pour the hot coffee onto about 6 Tbsp. of sweetened condensed milk, stir. I basically added enough milk to make it as sweet I want. Let it cool, pour into molds, freeze. Mmmm. I get a lot of requests for these from guests. Too bad they're so good that there's never any left. I've even had them instead of my morning coffee. Now that's decadent.

Can I ask for the fudgesicle recipe?


michel said...

Good Eats Fudgepops,1977,FOOD_9936_29059,00.html


I found these slightly bitter with 70% cocoa chocolate, but your mileage may vary. I've also used whipping cream and 1% milk, and they've been fine.