Saturday, April 23, 2005

candied Meyer lemon peel

candied Meyer lemon peel
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I swear it's only a coincidence that Clotilde at Chocolate and Zucchini just wrote about this...
You've got to believe me.
These are delicious!


To make them, take 6 lemons, or whatever you have, and juice them, reserving the juice for something else. Remove the pulp and slice the peel into nice strips. Blanch them in boiling water 3 times to remove any bitterness, then drain.
Make a heavy syrup using equal amounts of sugar and water, enough to cover the peel. Add some corn syrup and bring the mixture to a boil. Add the peels and simmer on low, stirring from time to time, until peels become transluscent. This will take about an hour.

You can store the peels with the syrup in the fridge, or drain them and toss in granulated sugar, as I did in the picture. If you toss them in sugar, leave them on parchment paper or on a cooling rack to dry overnight. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Eat as is, or use in any recipes calling for candied citrus peel.


aj kinik said...

um, how 'bout a recipe?

Snax and the City said...

I second the motion. Todd and Sharon just visited and gave us Meyer lemons from their backyard grove in Oakland. I'm sure they, too, would love to be able to make this at home.

michelle said...

Okay, okay, I posted the recipe: it's so easy!

kelli ann said...

hey michelle,

thanks for the recipe! and beautiful photo! they look very yummy.

kelli ann said...

hey michelle,

thanks for the recipe! and beautiful photo! they look very yummy.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find Meyer lemons in Mtl?

ajkinik said...

The best sources are Nino and Chez Louis at Jean-Talon Market. The season is short, though.

Anonymous said...

When is the season?
Thanks for sharing.

ajkinik said...

Hi Anonymous,
generally the season is December to February, but sometimes it starts earlier or lasts a little longer. That's for Meyer lemons from California. Michelle says she saw some at the market at Chez Nino last week, though. God knows where those ones came from.

Murasaki Shikibu said...


I'm a noob at making candied lemon peel and have been looking at some recipes today. The one I tried out told me to remove all the white stuff on it so that the peel was ultra thin.

In your recipe I'm curious whether you can leave a layer of the white stuff on the peel - and that the repeated boiling removes the bitterness?

I'm asking this because your candided lemon peel looks very nice and thick unlike my paper thin ones.

Thanks :)

sabjimata said...

thanks...just what i am looking for