Friday, February 25, 2011

JB and the Upstate Gang

JB + Fleisher's fig. a: good god!

It's true! Joshua "the MooRu" Applestone and the gang from Fleisher's will be here in Montreal joining forces with the JBs--Dave McMillan, Fred Morin, and the rest of the Joe Beef crew--to turn up the meat and bring you a night of grass-fed mayhem. Never had the considerable pleasure of visiting Fleisher's or trying their phenomenal line of pastured meats? I can't think of a better time or place.

who: Joe Beef + Fleisher's
what: feeding frenzy
where: Joe Beef, 2491 Notre Dame W.
when: Friday, March 4, 9:30 pm
why: imagine the possibilities

For more information or reservations, email joe beef at gmail dot com.



Anonymous said...

oh anthony, you were missed last night. my expectations for meaty goodness were met, and then surpassed, in a salty whirlwind of tender goat + deep fried bacon. phew.

aj kinik said...

goat? oh, man...

so sorry I missed it

glad you had such a good time