Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fleisher's Follow-up, or Down to the Bone

this is our steak fig. a: on the cutting board

Without question, the finest steak either of us has ever tasted. We only got one because we knew we wanted to eat it relatively soon, and because Fleisher's dry-aged rib steaks were the biggest, meatiest rib steaks we'd ever had the pleasure of purchasing. We knew one of those honking steaks would be more than enough for the two of us, and we were right. We ate and ate well, and we still had enough for leftovers (yes!) the next day.

And, the thing is, buying, cooking, and eating grass-fed beef from a place like Fleisher's is not only ethically and environmentally sound, it's also a game-changer. Once you get that taste, why would you want to eat anything else? I'm happy to hold out until the next time we get a chance to visit Fleisher's. Why would I want to settle for less? Hell, I can still taste that steak right now as I write.

this is our steak in our searing-hot frying pan fig. b: in the pan*

We cooked our rib steak exactly the same way we always cook our rib steaks: first in a searing-hot cast-iron pan, then in the oven, followed by a good 5 minutes of rest. This is an excellent way to prepare perfect steaks at home and it happens to be exactly the way Fleisher's recommends preparing their beef. Once again:

1. Oven preheat 300º [10 minutes]
2. Heat pan on stovetop to smoking point
3. Pre-salt each side [5-10 minutes ahead of time]
4. Put into pan / sear for 2 minutes each side
5. Put steak into oven w/ pan
6. Steak > 4-8 minutes in oven [120º]
7. Take out of oven--let sit [rest] for 5 minutes

That steak was so tender, so tasty, so good, there wasn't a scrap left.


* Just to give you some perspective: that's an oversized 13 1/4" Lodge cast-iron pan.


jilliany said...

Looks good!

-- Jillian

Adam said...

Sounds great! Did you use oil in the pan?

aj kinik said...

hi jilliany,
it was, it was

hi, Adam,
no oil necessary

your pan should be well-seasoned

and it needs to be searing hot when you add the steak/s

works like a charm

Leigh said...

Jesus, that looks good. You can't beat a picture of a great cut of beef, in a dark cast iron pan, can you?