Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pretty in Pink

I have been slow to get on the rhubarb train this season. I'd been seeing bunches of rhubarb at the market for the last few weeks, but hesitated each time. Just last week, though, I finally found the perfect bunch: young, firm and pink. I have nothing against green rhubarb, in fact, I prefer it from time to time. The only thing is, when canning green rhubarb tends to look more like the vegetable it is.

Camilla mentioned that she'd made the rhubarb-grapefruit jam from Chez Panisse: Fruits and that it was outrageously good. I made it as soon as I could, even though it's been so hot and humid that having a huge pot of water at a rolling boil seemed like folly. It was worth it. Like other great combinations, the two together brought out more of each other than if they were alone. It is extra rhubarb-y, extra pink and grapefruit-y. Perfect for breakfast with toast and butter. Imagine crepes with icing sugar and creme fraiche. If only it were Sunday morning and not Monday night...


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Anonymous said...

HA! i use rhubard as a ground cover,
it has HUGE leaves. i like rhubarb
crisp quite a bit, with some quality
vanilla ice cream, or some good custard.

but as for jams i still like
raspberry jam the best. i use an old
amish recipe which only uses the berries,
sugar, lemon, and ... time ...