Thursday, June 23, 2005

It Must Be Peony Love

wedding cake
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This is the final project for the wedding cakes section that my partner, Leah, and I finished on Monday. We picked the design from a recent Martha Stewart Weddings issue and went with it. It's a simple, classic, and elegant cake, perfect for any peony lover. If I made this cake again for real (this one is a simulation made out of styrofoam), I might use real flowers instead of making gum paste ones. I think it'd be more elegant that way, although I was happy to have learned how to make "fake" ones. In fact, a woman who saw our cake offered to buy the flowers off of it to use on a wedding cake she was making. Our lawyers are currently in negotiations with her. The cake took us a day and a half to make, flowers and all. I am now ready to take orders for cakes of all sizes...


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