Sunday, June 26, 2005

Brunch at Reservoir

We finally made plans to get together with T. and R. for a meal on Saturday morning, and after running down our list of options we decided to check out the brunch at Reservoir. Michelle had been lobbying to go there for quite some time—she’d heard report after report testifying that their brunches were out of this world, and she trusted her sources—but I’d been hesitant to go because I was left unimpressed by a visit there not long after they opened up, months and months ago now. Anyway, we were looking for someplace to go for brunch, we were in the mood to try someplace new—let’s just say things fell into place. I’m glad they did. Our meal there was the most interesting brunch either of us had had in a restaurant in quite some time. Between the four of us we got a pretty full sense of what Reservoir’s menu has to offer. R. kept things light and ordered the yogurt with grilled pineapple, honey, and nuts. Reservoir has two breakfast platters that come without egg dishes and T. tried the one that came with smoked ham, feta cheese, chorizo, a chick pea puree, cornichons, and toast. The ingredients were different, but in terms of approach, this platter reminded me of brunches I’d had in Germany. T. was enthusiastic, to say the least. Michelle and I, on the other hand, tried two of Reservoir’s egg dishes. Michelle had the two eggs—one over-easy, one sunny-side-up—with fiddleheads (what a brilliant idea!), lard fumé, and white bean salad [trust me, the picture above doesn’t really do it justice—Michelle had already started to dig in at the time it was taken], while I had the frittata with braised parsnips, and both dishes were fantastic. The prices run a little bit higher than a lot of other breakfast spots in Montreal (our egg dishes were $10-12 range, while one dish featuring New Brunswick smoked salmon and blinis ran about $15), but it was absolutely worth it. Fiddleheads season is almost over, so you might want to go there soon.

Reservoir, 9 Duluth E., 849-7779


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