Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Top Ten #52

1.  Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Mammane Sani, son orgue, et son ami

2.  Mammane Sani et son Orgue, La musique electronique du Niger (Sahel Sounds)

sample track:  "Lamru"

lola title

3.  Lola (1961), dir. Jacques Demy

smoked andouille

4.  homemade smoked andouille sausage


5.  bazaar season, Montreal

6.  outdoor screening of Pink Floyd:  Live at Pompeii (1972), dir. Maben, 2013 Montréal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

sample track:  "Echoes"


7.  Hudson Valley + the Catskills in the fall

8. Vin Vignerons Vinyles, SAT, Montreal, November 4, 2013 (whoa, Nelly!)

death family photo

9.  A Band Called Death (2012), dir. Covino & Howlett

sample track:  "Politicians in My Eyes"

10.  leftover turkey, and the wonderful things you can do with it


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