Saturday, May 18, 2013

J'ai Faim... J'ai soif!!

savouré fig. a:  Hi!  My name is Savouré

Hey!  It's nice out there.  You're out and about.  And you're probably starting to get hungry, right?  And maybe even a little thirsty...

Well, keep in mind that the Salon J'ai Faim is taking place this weekend, May 18 & 19th, in the basement of the Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus (5035 St-Dominique), at the corner of St-Joseph & St-Laurent.

You'll find many of our favourite Montreal food & drink people, including

Dispatch Coffee! 
Preservation Society!
and our latest coup de coeur...
Savouré Sodas & Preserves!!
I mean, who couldn't use a small-batch grapefruit & tarragon soda on a day like today?

Check 'em out!  These sodas are truly amazing.

There's a price of admission to get into the Salon, but if you're smart you can opt for a ticket that comes with some delicious amuse-gueules.

Oh, by the way:  the entertainment lasts from 11am - 6 pm both days.


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