Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kindred spirits

new garlic fig. a:  June garlic

Ah, sweet memories of a summer's night in Provence...

AEB's coverage of Michelle, Natasha, and Theo's Le Grand Aïoli/A Provençal Summer Feast at Alexandraplatz made it into Kinfolk Magazine's online journal.  The post comes complete with lots of lovely new photographs (new to me, at least), too, including a really nice one of Michelle.

It's hard to believe it's already been two months since that feast.  The photographs make it feel like it was just the other day.  They also make me wish there was another grand aïoli on the horizon.

aug garlic fig. b:  August garlic

Good thing the late-summer garlic harvest is already upon us.

Good thing Michelle and Seth's Provence menu is just around the corner (!).

Stay tuned...

In the meantime, you might want to read this 2010 Guardian article on paying a pilgrimage to Richard Olney's former home in Provence to get yourself in the mood.  And/or you can take a look at this post from the AEB archives about Olney, Lulu, and Domaine Tempier.



The Other Michelle said...

That photo of Michelle is a keeper. Such a smile on that beauty! Nice write-up, too --> simple and profound. I so wish I could have been there.

aj kinik said...

Hi, OM,
yeah, I like that shot, too

we wish you could have been there, too--maybe you can make it to the Homage to Richard Olney?!?--that would be amazing

hope to see you soon!