Friday, April 13, 2012

Top Ten #44

1.  Neptune, Boston

Roy Harper, Stormcock

2.  Roy Harper, Stormcock

3.  return to Kintaro, Vancouver

4.  Toro, Boston

coffee by revolver

5.  Revolver, Vancouver

6.  Mystery Train, Gloucester, MA

7.  Meat & Bread, Vancouver

8.  smörgåsbirthday


9.  springtime in Montreal, according to AEB

10.  The Farm House "Lady Jane" cheese + Les Amis du Fromage, Vancouver


* not necessarily on the same day


Amber said...

After giving this a listen, I now know that I must own that Roy Harper record. Thanks!

aj kinik said...

You're welcome! It's kind of mind-blowing, that album.