Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vienna Calling!, rev. ed.

hallo? fig. a: hallo?

By popular demand, we bring you more FoodLab-related news, and, this time, it's news that's sure to excite all those who attended and appreciated our various Kaffeeklatsch events of the last year. Get this:

Vienna Calling!
November 30 - December 3
FoodLab presents a multi-course menu inspired by the Jewel of the Danube, including mushroom strudel, spaetzle with cheese and lardons, Hungarian goulash, & the return of sachertorte!

Wintermarkt 2011
December 8 - December 11
FoodLab presents a Central & Eastern European Christmas Market at this year's Souk @ SAT. Yes, glühwein will be served, as will a wide assortment Czech and Viennese seasonal treats.

Need more convincing? Check out what the Gazette's Susan Schwartz had to say about the FoodLab in today's paper! You'll also find photographs, not to mention three honest-to-goodness FoodLab recipes.

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Montréal, QC
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Robin said...

sounds amazing!

Amy K said...

Congratulations on the big Gazette write-up! I'm so looking forward to the market. See you there!

andrea said...

Nice article! Will try to visit the Foodlab next time I'm in Montreal. Congratulations on this project, and by the way, those stuffed onions look amazing.