Friday, April 15, 2011

Blood, Bones, Butter, and You!

BBB fig. a: BBB redux

Intrigued by our recent post about Gabrielle Hamilton's vivid, unflinching Blood, Bones, and Butter? Still don't have a copy of your own? Interested in meeting Gabrielle Hamilton in person? Here's your chance, Montreal.

On May 2nd, Gabrielle Hamilton will be at Appetite for Books, here in Montreal, to promote Blood, Bones, and Butter. She'll be giving a talk about her book, her life, her cuisine, and her restaurant, Prune, and the price of admission ($45) includes hors d'oeuvres (by Hamilton herself? I'm not sure...), a glass of wine, and a copy of the book (!).

You can get all the details here, on Appetite for Books' website.

And if you need a sneak peek, remember to check out Hamilton's wonderful, poignant "The Lamb Roast" in The New Yorker.

who: Gabrielle Hamilton, chef/owner of Prune (NYC), author
what: Blood, Bones, and Butter book tour
where: Appetite for Books, 388 Victoria Ave., Montreal, 369-2002
when: Monday, May 2, 2011, 6:30 PM


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