Sunday, December 05, 2010


MM @ CBC fig. a: Michelle! Live!! On Air!!!

Actually, it was more like "MM @ CBC," because that's where Michelle was to be found today at about 7:40 am: on air, with the CBC's Jeanette Kelly. I was in-studio, too, but only to lend moral support (and to snap a photograph or two).

The occasion? Well, Michelle has a cooking class on candied fruits and how to use them tomorrow evening at Dépanneur Le Pick Up, and when the good folks at All in a Weekend caught wind, they asked her down to the studio to say a few words about candied fruits, holiday baking, being in the restaurant biz, and how she got into this pastry chef racket in the first place.

If you're thinking to yourself, "what's the point of telling us after the fact?," well, Michelle specifically asked me not to advertise her guest spot on AEB. She told me she was shy. Then she went ahead and tweeted all about it, unbeknownst to me. Go figure.

Anyway, I bring up the matter only to tell you that if you're interested in taking Michelle's class, you might still be able to. The class was SOLD OUT, but as of this morning, there was one spot available because some unlucky soul had to cancel. So if you contact Natasha at "natasha DOT pickowicz AT gmail DOT com"--in a hurry!--you might just be able to join us for the fun. And, if you missed this morning's broadcast, our friend Graham at "All in a Weekend" told us that they'd be archiving Michelle's interview later this week, so we should be able to post the link sometime soon.

How'd the interview go? Great. Michelle was a little more buttoned-down than usual, and 7:40am is a little early for a pastry chef/night owl like her, but she loved talking to Jeanette, and Jeanette really enjoyed talking to Michelle, and the fact that Michelle brought in some treats (ginger cookies!) didn't hurt either.

Can't make the class? Missed the radio show? Feeling shut out? Well, you can find an AEB-approved recipe for panforte (with candied fruit) here.

Now we're back at home, having a coffee, enjoying the morning, and listening to Michael Hurley sing about having tea and listening to the CBC...



Anonymous said...

fabulous recap.

and i wholeheartedly approve of the sunday morning hurley jams. been playing hi fi snock uptown quite a bit myself, lately...

aj kinik said...

gotta get Blue Hills too, popcornsnaps, it's hauntingly beautiful