Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maybe, just maybe

toast & jam fig. a: toast & jam

To paraphrase: "God save strawberry jam in all its different varieties!" Yes, but maybe, just maybe autumn strawberries are the key. At least, here in Quebec.

Michelle's been on a quasi-Proustian quest for the strawberry jam of her youth for years, desperately trying to replicate the texture and flavor of a strawberry jam made by one Mrs. Wright in Guelph, ON, back when Michelle was just a wee lass. Countless experiments with summer strawberries have produced fine strawberry jam--excellent strawberry jams, even--but never one that has fully approximated those mythical strawberry jams of her past. Then Michelle started making her strawberry jam with local fraises d'automne, and the results were dramatically different--brighter, with an absolutely perfect set. And Michelle's expression changed accordingly. It, too, was brighter.

Strawberry Jam Enthusiasts, you may want to give autumn strawberries a whirl, if you haven't already. But remember to go easy on the sugar and to cook your strawberries gently. And, remember, the autumn strawberry season is just about up--they'll only last until the first frost--so you'll have to act fast!

Thoughts on strawberries and jam, fellow Enthusiasts? Do tell.



jennifer said...

Wow! I have never heard of autumn strawberries. Where can I get some?

aj kinik said...

you can definitely find them at Jean-Talon Market--make sure you get the real deal, not imports from the US or Mexico--the ones we got this weekend were amazingly good

stephen said...

Beautiful! One of my favorite indulgences... Searching the Hudson Valley for them soon.

Tammy said...

Can we have a recipe? Or is too hard to translate the magic?

michelle said...

I did 4 lbs of berries, cut, with 3 cups sugar and juice of 2 lemons, berries cooked alone until their juice started to pool, sugar added, cooked to gel and foam skimmed off. Good luck!