Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Evening Danish

fig. a: Noma's pickled vegetables and smoked bone marrow*

Not just a great New York Times article on René Redzepi and the New Nordic Cuisine of Noma, but one whose ability to transport you to the Danish countryside (where Redzepi and his staff forage for Noma's exotic ingredients) brought a breath of fresh Nordic air into our sweltering AEB headquarters.

Forecast for July 7, 2010:
Montreal: sunny & 34º C / 93º F
Copenhagen: sunny & 23º C / 73º F

Beat the heat.

Sorry, no recipes, but there is an anatomical rendering of Redzepi's shrimp with sea urchin powder, a dish that comes complete with beach mustard, goosefoot leaves, sea coriander, wildflowers, and a few decorative stones.


* photograph by Eric Refner for the New York Times


andrea said...

I love this quote from the article:
"I didn't come back to Denmark thinking: I'm going to put a gel of a gel of a gel on my monkfish liver while I whip my guests with burning rosemary," he said.

Also, I'm not sure how I'd feel if I were served stones (which are for decoration, the caption assures us).

steve said...

Great article. Thanks for the tip!

annie said...

Beautiful picture. What great colors.