Saturday, July 26, 2008

We have a winner!

Belgian waffle truck fig. a: Belgian waffle truck, Brussels

We've always said that our readers are the sassiest, smartest readers in the world,* but this is ridiculous. You guys are good. Not only did we get a bunch of excellent and generally highly plausible guesses via comments and email, but the very first response was absolutely right. Congratulations to Saleema! Send us an email with your address, Saleema, and we'll happily send you a special AEB European Vacation 2008 prize.** And thanks to everyone else who participated (including two other competitors who got both the country and the city right but failed to beat our winner to the buzzer--better luck next time!).

What about the trip? Where exactly did we go? What delicacies did we find along the way? Be patient. We just got back, and we're not very big on mobile blogging and all that jazz, so it might take us a few days to start getting our reports out. Stay tuned...


* What we did to deserve them, we'll never know...

** Please, no impostors.

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