Monday, March 03, 2008

March Madness

pink grapefruit fig. a: pink grapefruit

With pink grapefruit on sale at our local supermarket (6 for 99¢, and never better), white grapefruit marmalade slated to be in production this week here at the AEB test kitchen, talk of a triple threat (orange, grapefruit, and lemon) Citrus Pie in the air, and now this

real meyer lemons fig. b: Meyer lemons "from a California backyard"

--seriously, this is what I found on our doorstep today--this is shaping up to be Citrus Week 2008.

So much for nordic cuisine, right?

How many pink grapefruit did the banqueteers consume this week? What became of the white grapefruit marmalade? What is Citrus Pie and how on Earth does one make it? What exactly does one do with one's cache of Meyer lemons direct "from a California backyard"? Recipes to follow...


ps--thank you, Lemon Fairies!


sydney said...

what is citrus pie, and when you figure out how to make it, can you send me one?

missed you last week


michelle said...

Hi Sydney, I am making one now. We will post the results. Wish me luck.

sydney said...

i want that last piece.

check this out

(not citrus related-food and film)

michelle said...

Lord, how I wish we had screenings like that in Montreal. I would love to flag down a hawker at the cinema and get a plate of fried chicken. Any entrepreneurs out there?