Friday, March 14, 2008

Get 'em while they last!

zeppole fig. a: zeppole with and without cherries from La Cornetteria

March 19th being less than a week away, and March 19th being la Festa di San Giuseppe, you've gotta act fast if you intend to indulge in that most un-Lenten of Lenten* pastries, the zeppola di San Giuseppe.

We're more or less equal opportunity zeppole consumers, but the ones that have been really flipping our lids this year are La Cornetteria's in Little Italy. Michelle even went so far as to declare that they, "may be [her] favorite deep-fried dessert of all time." High praise, indeed. If you decide to pay them a visit, not only will you have to act fast, but you'll have to be strategic: apparently they're only going to have them on offer on two more occasions, Saturday the 15th and Wednesday the 19th.

La Cornetteria, 6528 St-Laurent, (514) 277-8030


* Technically, they're not strictly tied to Lent, but they've become something of a Lent tradition and some bakeries continue to make them until Easter because of their popularity.


Anonymous said...

I had a Zeppole from La Cornetteria today and it was so good. The texture of the cream was sublime, so rich and creamy with a hint of je ne sais quoi. The pastry was so light and perfect with a cherry on top. I was really naughty and also indulged in a ricotta filled Cornetto, it was fantastic. This place is dangerous but I'm going back for more on Wednesday!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes the pictures are mesmerizing... I've had the 19th marked as a recurring event on my calendar for the past 3 years and have yet to schlep over to the italian pastry shop for the once a year event. Seeing this in color has convinced me this time I'm going to do it!

Anonymous said...

wayyy too expensive but good