Saturday, February 02, 2008

Which side are you on?

det. "pure canadian honey" fig. a: det. "honey vs. sugar," a.k.a. "pure canadian honey"

it's all I can do
it's all I can say
I will send you to your mama next payday
send you to your mama next payday
got no use for the red rocking chair...
got no sugar baby now
--Dock Boggs, "Sugar Baby"

I've done all I could do
and I've said all I could say
and I'll send you to your mama next payday
and I can't go on living this a-way
and I ain't got no honey baby now
and I ain't got no use for your red apple juice
and I ain't go no honey baby now
--Benji Aronoff, "Red Apple Juice"

Whether you're in need of a little sugar or a little honey, we, here at " endless banquet," have got you covered. Our brand-new 2008 postcard series-- "honey vs. sugar/sugar vs. honey"--is hot off the presses, "Printed in Canada" on high-quality card stock in glorious black and white, and ready to be mailed around the globe to anyone you know who might need a spoonful. Send us a mere $3 (CAN) via cheque or paypal and your address, and we'll send you a set of two postcards plus our latest full-colour (!) AEB "golden delicious" bookmark

golden delicious bookmark fig. b: the new AEB bookmark: it works!

anywhere in the world, from Needlemore to New York, Mile End to the Mission, Tulsa to Timbuktu. For more details, drop us a line.


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kelli ann said...

...i'd like to order a set or 2.
but have lost your mailing address-- can you send it to me at claquee AT hotmail DOT com please? cheers!!