Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Masala for Hope

mélange du monde fig. a: l - r: Mélange du Monde: Caris et Masala, ext.; Mélange du Monde: Caris et Masala, int.; La Cuisine et le Goût des Épices, int.

Yes, friends, Menu for Hope IV has entered the final stretch, so if you've been tempted by one or more of this year's tantalizing gifts but you've yet to place a bid, remember, you only have until December 21st to participate.

Our "Spice Lovers of the World, Unite!" prize package has been steadily racking up the bids, but some of you more discerning bidders have been wanting to know the exact contents of the two Philippe de Vienne épices de cru spice kits before committing. So without any further ado...

Mélange du Monde Curries and Masalas:
1. Vindaloo masala
2. Grilling masala
3. Sri Lankan red curry
4. South Indian curry for duck
5. Tandoori masala
6. South Indian curry for chicken
7. South Indian masala for fish
8. Panch Phoran
9. Madras curry
10. South Indian green curry
11. Chaat masala
12. Sri Lankan black curry

Spice Islands Curries and Masalas:
1. Trinidadian curry
2. Jamaican curry
3. Mauritian masala
4. Martinican colombo
5. Singaporean curry
6. Sri Lankan black curry

Just think of the possibilities... 17 different spice blends (plus a second dose of that extraordinarily deep Sri Lankan black curry), the De Viennes' wonderfully comprehensive La Cuisine et le Goût des Épices, and a sultry limited edition musical compilation to set the mood...

Some of you have also written to us wanting to know more about DJ TV DiSKO's "Eat to the Bollywood Beat: Music to Eat Curry By"--come now, we can't reveal all our secrets.

Don't know how to participate? You'll find all the instructions below.

Happy bidding!


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