Friday, October 05, 2007

Pop Rocks

Yes, it's that time of year again. Pop Montreal is in full effect and that can only mean about 478 things (seriously--every edition is a veritable cultural deluge), including Puces Pop. Sadly, we here at " endless banquet" won't be participating in this year's D.I.Y. extravaganza because we've just had too much on the go, but we will be attending, and we encourage all you out there in cyberland to check it out too.

Puces Pop
Canadian Grenadier Guards Armoury
4171 Ave. de l’Esplanade
October 6th & 7th


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Steve Topping said...

Hello Anthony and Michelle,

Sorry we got cut off like that... I would love to make dinner sometime either here or there.

It was not Sunset Rubdown I was thinking was from StJohn's it was Tim Baker and his Hey Rosetta.... really great musician.