Sunday, September 02, 2007

Got crab?

crab guédille, Reservoir

Our recent crab post having stirred up some pretty strong emotions with some of you out there in cyberland, we thought we'd let our Montreal readers (and all those about to visit Montreal in the immediate future) in on this little tidbit of information. Those of you looking to get your hands on some crab from Gaspé here in Montreal before the end of season need look no further than Reservoir, where, earlier today, we found the lovely crab guédille* (complete with greens, cherry tomatoes, and a lemony mayo) you see in the picture above on the brunch menu. And, yes, those are fresh, beer-battered onion rings sitting alongside.

Reservoir's menu changes daily, so we can't guarantee the guédille on the menu when you visit, but apparently that crab from Gaspé will remain on the menu in one form or another while supplies last.

Reservoir, 9 Duluth E., 849-7779


* Think "lobster roll," but with crab.

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Kevin Kossowan said...

Wow, that looks nice.