Monday, July 02, 2007

Of Swell Maps and Guestblogging

This week, we here at " endless banquet" are once again forging ahead, breaking new ground. We've joined forces with Budget Travel Online and are doing a special week of guestblogging on their site to celebrate the recent release of our "My Montreal is Better Than Yours" feature in the July/August 2007 issue of Budget Travel magazine. You can find our very first Budget Travel Online dispatch here , or, if you're carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up and you just want to hang out here for a while, you'll find the very same dispatch immediately below:

AEB maps

Welcome to Montreal! Bienvenue à Montréal!

Happy belated St-Jean!* And happy belated Canada Day!**

In conjunction with the release of the July/August issue of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, which includes our somewhat irreverent roundup of the culinary, commercial, and ludic landscape/s of Montreal, and to kick-off our week of guest-blogging at Budget Travel Online, our cartographic division here at “…an endless banquet” took it upon itself to create a series of ultra-high-tech maps in order to assist you in your journey/s (both virtual and real) across our fair city. Consult these maps online or download them onto your very own personal computer and you’ll find virtually every single one of the suggestions contained within our exhaustive “My Montreal is Better Than Yours” field report, plus a few bonus suggestions. They’re relatively accurate, and, better yet, they’re free, absolutely free.

So, without any further ado:

The cover of our “…an endless banquet” Montreal map can be found here.

Meanwhile, one large-scale A.E.B. map of “central Montreal" is located here.

To find A.E.B.'s Map of the Main, the Lower Main, and the Plateau just go here.

And, finally, get your very own A.E.B. Map of Mile End, Little Italy, Villeray, and Parc Ex (and Outremont too) here.

Thanks for reading,
Anthony & Michelle

*”La St-Jean” is June 24, St. John the Baptist’s saint day. It’s also the fête nationale of Quebec.

**Canada Day, July 1, is, of course, our national holiday.


darien said...

So I found you going the other husband found the budget travel issue in a hotel in Texas and brought it home to me because of your blog about Montreal! I'm so glad he did...we don't live far and visit often, so we will be reading with interest. Well done!

aj kinik said...

Glad you found us, Darien. Thanks for the comment!

Kristina said...

I read your article in that budget travel issue online and loved it. A few friends and I will be Montreal in late July, and are looking forward to exploring your city as much as time will allow. Btw the maps are extremely helpful.

aj kinik said...

Hi Kristina,
We're happy you liked our article. The maps ought to make clear that we wrote the article with 3-4 principal walking tours in mind. Enjoy your visit!