Thursday, April 19, 2007


the sun

The above photograph may not look like much to you, depending on where on Earth you happen to be as you read this, but for us around here it's of the utmost significance. That, friends, is the Sun, its rays pouring through our storm windows and our screen and filling the living room, and if you look real closely you can see blue sky and wispy clouds too. We haven't seen the Sun in what seems like an eternity, and in the meantime we've been dumped on and lashed by every possible storm imaginable, including a double-action Nor'easter, we've temporarily succumbed to malady, we've watched aghast as news of the world's scandals and atrocities got beamed into our living room, and we've just generally had to batten down the hatches for weeks on end. Then, yesterday, all of a sudden, things started to shift just slightly, and today we found ourselves dressed in our spring jackets, driving around with the windows down, and talking about things like summer drinks and planting our garden. Finally! What a difference a day or two can make.

It's 15º C as we write, the windows are now wide open, and we here at " endless banquet" promise to emerge from our doldrums with a battery of posts in the upcoming days. (No more Weather Channel fodder. The real deal.) We've got to ease back in to things, though, so today we've just started with an updated Top Ten list: Top Ten #18. More to come...

--the management

R.I.D. to our brothers and sisters all along the Eastern Seaboard (NYC, MA, NB, NS, etc.) who took the full brunt of that Nor'easter.

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Vincci said...

Oh, it was so nice today! Only last night my roommates and I went out for dessert, and we were throwing the little bits of snow left on the sidewalk at each other! And here I was today, studying on my balcony in a t-shirt. What a difference a day does make!