Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pop Shoppe


Cocktail enthusiasts, report!

Michelle's been at it again. She's been mixing up her duties as a pastry assistant with a little mixology, designing the cocktails at Pop!, the gorgeously appointed wine bar that adjoins Laloux on Pine Avenue E. There, amidst the Danish Modern opulence, you'll find old classics like her Murray Bay, alongside newly created concoctions like her l'Avenue des Pins, a G & T riff which features Bertrand brand bière d'épinettes and is surely destined to become the Great Québécois Cocktail, and my personal favorite, her ode to the pleasures of Jamaican rum and homemade ginger beer, A High Wind in Jamaica, which you see pictured here (the one with the lime and mint, not the flaming one):

A High Wind in Jamaica at Pop!

You have to be strategic, though. Pop! is only open Thursdays through Saturdays.

Pop!, 250 Avenue des Pins E., 287-9127


Camilla Wynn said...

hey, i just got back from pop! sampled the high wind in jamaica, the bitter margarita & the avenue des pins. all stellar. best cocktails i've ever come across in montreal. i am partial, yes, but it's true. i also have discerning tastes.

Matthew said...

That's very exciting! I've been getting into mixology more and more in the past little while, so now I know where to drop by the next time I'm in town...