Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sweet Salvation, rev. ed.

the spread fig. a: the spread at Backroom Records & Pastries

It's cause to rejoice when a new business opens up that really addresses even one of our needs in this town. When a business opens up that addresses two of them, well, it's time to do a little dance. And that, friends, is exactly what just happened TODAY. We here at " endless banquet" are happy to announce the grand opening of a little record store-cum-confectionery convenience called Backroom Records & Pastries. There you'll find the very best in vinyl-pressed electrically recorded music, with special attention paid to the blues, gospel, reggae, jazz, and rock idioms, as well as the very best in confections, especially pies, cookies, and preserves.

Backroom Records & Pastries
5912 St. Urbain
*Back Alley Entrance Only!*
Thursday - Sunday
12:00 noon - 6 p.m.
514 495 8046
music curator: Warren
sweets curator: Camilla

The record store situation had gotten so dismal in this town that my record-shopping habit had dropped off almost completely in recent months. It had been quite a while since I'd been out record shopping and found some good records on vinyl--lots of them! And to my knowledge, this was the first time I'd ever enjoyed a delicious, freshly-baked pastry in-store, while I shopped. Now that's living! Hmm, if I can only convince Camilla to start making some Jamaican patties--then I'd be able to finally resume the 8-year tradition I had of record-shopping and patty-eating that stretched across three countries and two continents, from London to Washington, DC to Vancouver.

the loot fig. b: the haul from Backroom Records & Pastries

Tasting notes:
cherry pie: super-yum
chocolate chip cookie: the best
V/A, "Last Kind Words: 1926-1953"(Mississippi Records): delicious
Washington Phillips, "What are They Doing in Heaven Today?" (Mississippi Records): heavenly



Camilla Wynne said...

thanks for coming, and for posting.
i'd be lost without you two.
love, c.

AH said...

Thanks for posting! Je vais leur faire une petite visite...

nadine said...

Wow ! thanks for the scoop ... i can't wait to try out this new shop.
Yum !

nadine said...

My Postcards have arrived ! they're fabulous and i'm loving them.
I've already got one of them all ready to send off in the mail.

you Rock !

aj kinik said...

You're very welcome, Camilla Wynne Superstar.

Anne-Hélène, I highly recommend a visit.
Thanks for reading.

Nadine, so happy to hear that you like your postcards. Don't forget to put those bookmarks to good use, too.

Le g said...

Ah, well, wish I was there. Let's just say those two things would work just as well here. Inspiring.

aj kinik said...

hey le g,
Nice to hear from you. Yeah, I could easily see you being one of those guys who methodically picks out $150 of choice vinyl, then sidles his way over to the pastry counter to finish things off right.