Thursday, March 02, 2006

Latest Kitchen Accessory

heart-shaped pot holders

Those of you who have seen our kitchen know how packed to the gills it is with cooking tools and knick-knacks of all kinds. Those of you who haven't need only imagine stacks of pots, pans, ceramics, jars, canisters, bowls, molds, mixers, spatulas, shredders, grinders, funnels and the like all enclosed within a good-sized but increasingly claustrophobic kitchen. This near-crisis situation (I'm exaggerating, of course--in reality, it's cluttered, but homey) doesn't seem to enter into my thoughts--or, rather, it's easily banished from them--when I spy just one more kitchen thing I need to make my life and kitchen perfect. I had such a moment when I saw these heart-shaped pot holders/"heat handles" from Nid Royal's "Neverending Heartbeat" collection.

Locally designed and made by the lovely and talented Ms. Claudine Hart, they are white with a hot pink border, fashionable and 100% functional. Included is a tiny pocket for love notes. [I am still waiting for one to appear.]

Interested? You can contact Ms. Hart via her website. Alternatively, if you live in Montreal, apparently there are a few available at Cocoa Locale (4807 Parc Ave.).



Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Montrealers,
I just wanted to say how great it is to have discovered your blog... Finally people who are writing about one topic that really stimulates my senses: Food (cooking it, eating it, shooting it...) Found you after having read through Gourmet. Makes you want to eat in Montreal and never eat anywhere else! Yes a little over-promising or are we just blazé? I was wondering if you had had a chance to try out a new restaurant on St-Viateur (near Geneviève de Grandbois) "Les 2 Singes de Montarvie"? I'd be curious to hear your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Why, hello there, Nancy--
Thanks for the very nice comment. We're glad you found your way to us. This might seem strange, but one of the things I appreciate about Montreal is that, as cosmopolitan as it is, it's not trying or claiming to have represented the entire world of cuisine. For the most part, Montreal is satisfied with purusing excellence in certain specific, well-defined areas. Some gaps in the food scene here are inexcusable--truly outstanding pizza, for one--but the others encourage one to daydream of travel (like that Southern BBQ Odyssey that Michelle and I have been discussing for the last 2-3 years). That said, it's rare that I find myself frustrated by my options here--there's no question that the food scene here is rich (it makes you proud but not smug, I guess you could say), and we never have problems keeping our guests entertained. We've yet to try "Les 2 Singes," but we'll be sure to let you know what we think once we do.
Thanks for reading...