Wednesday, February 15, 2006

From Finland with Love

finnish recipe magnets

Know anyone who's heading to Finland anytime soon? Be nice to them. Maybe they'll bring you back some of that lovely Finnish design work. If you've been really good, who knows, maybe they'll bring you back one of those unbelievable iittala casseroles we're so fond of.

Otherwise, there's always this handsome set of Finnish recipe magnets. Heavy-duty, tasteful matte finish, nice colors, an ultra-minimalist approach to the recipe, and just look at that font! Brilliant. We've always had our good reasons for going to the fridge. Ever since our friends G & S got us this set of magnets, we've had 6 more. Of course, whenever I look at these, they also make me rue the fact that there's so little good design in this part of the world. Montreal prides itself on its good design and it's not without its gems, but, unfortunately, most of them date back about 40 years (those crazy mosaics and lightboxes that grace the walls of some of our Métro stations come to mind).

Anyway, back to the magnets. If only we knew Finnish. Or, rather, if only Babelfish knew Finnish. I did manage to decipher the red one, though:

lettutaikina = crêpe batter
2 munaa = 2 eggs
5 dl maitoa = 5 dl milk
2 dl jauhoja = 2 dl flour
1.5 tl suolaa = 1.5 tl (tsp) salt
1 rkl voita = 1 rkl (tbsp) butter (melted, presumably)

Perfect for Pancake Day (February 28 this year).

I wish I could tell you exactly where to tell your friends to go and purchase them, but I can't. Maybe G or S can fill us in on the details.

Worst comes to worst, your friends could always bring you back some salmiakki.

That is, assuming you know someone who's going to Finland.



Ivonne said...

I love the Finns!

Le G said...

A & M,

Glad you sorted out the translation. Love those magnets. I would say to your readers, those who are thinking of going to Finland, that Iittala and the like can be found on Esplandi in Helsinki, which is basically a street dedicated to the promotion of Finnish design. Great street. More on Iittala here:

Anonymous said...

M & A,
I'll be happy to help you with translations when needed. You two are always welcome to Finland, you know that.

aj kinik said...

There you have it, folks. Thanks, Geoff.

Hi, Sirpa

Can you help with the following?

1 dl korppujauhoa
2 dl vettä / kermaa
1 sipuli
1 muna
1 tl suolaa
0.5 tl valkopippuria
500-600 g jauhelihaa
1 rkl öljyä
225 C 15 min

Thanks for reading...

aj kinik said...

now if only those rascally Finns would stop beating us at our national game

Anonymous said...

It is a recipe for traditional meatballs (lihapullat):

1 dl breadcrumbs (korppujauhoa)
2 dl water or cream (vettä/kermaa)
1 onion (sipuli)
1 egg (muna)
1 tsp salt (tl suolaa)
0.5 tsp white pepper (tl valkopippuria)
500-600 g minced meat (jauhelihaa)
1 tbsp cooking oil (rkl öljyä)

225 C 15 min

(I would like to add more spices and replace white pepper by black pepper...)


மதி கந்தசாமி (Mathy) said...

//now if only those rascally Finns would stop beating us at our national game//


and the Swiss.. ;)

aj kinik said...

Hi Sirpa,
I couldn't figure out the jauhelihaa part. Now it all makes sense. I'll take your suggestions and try them. Maybe this weekend. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

people in Finland use different types of meat for meatballs; mix of pork and beef is the most common but it is also possible to use just one type of meat; e.g. beef, lamb or venison (is that the right word?) would be good. I'd recommend lamb with some beef.