Sunday, January 08, 2006


Does anyone know anything about this fine establishment?

Fuchsia on Duluth

Michelle's obsessed, because she's heard intriguing things about it (baked goods, flowers, etc.) and it looks really cute, but she's been by there five times over the last two weeks and she's yet to find it open for business. Today she even wore matching snowflakes

Michelle's scarf complete with real snowflakes

but it still didn't help.

Any information you might have would be appreciated.

"Where is it located," you ask? It's on Duluth, just east of St.-Dominique, pretty much kitty-corner to Reservoir.



aj kinik said...

Uh, I guess that's a "no."

Well, if we find out anything about Fuchsia, we'll be sure to let you know...

antick said...

I've been there. Wandered in last month after doing some last minute gift shopping next door at Le Souk (great Moroccan house gifts, btw).

Three things stood out for me:

1. The very sweet large white dog asleep in a chair. Its name is Tico and it sits by the window and lures in young single women and dog lovers.

2. The woman who runs it is named Binky. She's a former chef from Delaware and is full of great yarns.

3. The ginger-pomegranate infused tea was unbelievably good. It didn't taste like tea-- more like mulled wine. She used a pomegranate reduction and crystalized ginger, but no other sugars which made it perfect.

When I went, she had sold out of lavender short-bread, but apparently it is amazingly good and I shall return to hear more yarns, pet the dog, and eat the shortbread.

aj kinik said...

Hi Antick,
Wow, thanks so much. That's exactly the kind of report we were hoping for. Michelle's a huge dog-lover, she's also big on all things pomegranate and all things lavender. I can see her becoming a regular.