Monday, October 03, 2005

2 - 0

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Well, we had what's know in the biz as a banner weekend. We sold out of preserves for the second day in a row yesterday. Our Saturday night + Sunday morning production frenzy produced another 20 jars of švestka preserves (oignons confits, peach-vanilla-rum butter, more pear-vanilla-bourbon, more of that beguiling preserve known only as l'Autrichienne, some Lady Grey-infused marmalade, and some Seville orange marmalade) and we brought in our ringer from our Eastern sales division, Ivan, just to make sure things went along smoothly. Ivan introduced us to a couple of his hard-nosed sales schemes and, lo and behold, the jars began to fly off the shelves again. There's no question that Ivan's no-nonsense "These jams are delicious!" billboard was a hit, but even more effective may have been his "jam kid" routine. It's amazing what kind of effect a 7-year-old with jam smeared on his face wandering around a trade fair saying "Mmmm, those jams were delicious" can have on sales.

Thanks again to everyone who turned up to say hello, try our samples, give us much-appreciated feedback, and buy a jar or two (or three!). Thanks also to Viola Blanca, Geneviève, Stitch-Stitch, and all the other friends we made over the course of the weekend.

If you're interested in getting your mitts on one of our jars of švestka preserves because you missed us at Puces Pop, or because you'd like another jar, or because you're just curious, feel free to contact us. We're getting back into production this week and we'll be stocked up again sometime soon. I'm not sure that we're ready to ship outside of Montreal yet, but if you live in Montreal arrangements could be made. Otherwise, I'm sure we'll be taking part in another show or two before year-end, and there's even talk of starting to supply a local boutique or two with preserves sometime in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

Oh, and, yes, švestka is Czech for plum.



michel said...

gah! we were there at 2 on sunday, but somehow didn't see you. i'd love to place an order for some švestka, my dad would probably go nuts if i brought him some. not as nuts as if it were slivovice, but still...

aj kinik said...

hi michel,
Oh, that's too bad. We would have liked to have met you. Send us an email ( in a week or two and we'll let you know what we've got in stock. And if we ever get into the distilling business (we've thought about it), you'll be the first one to know.

Julie said...

i'm just back from a trip to czech republic (yesterday) i missed your sale! i would have liked to have a taste of those Svestka (i don't think i can pronounce it right, though now i can say dobry den like a czech native !).. i suppose there's nothing left ? if there is (depending on the kind) i would like to buy some...
please answer me on the post and we could try to get in touch..
you know you're the first an only web site i have checked on since i'm back!!

aj kinik said...

Hi Julie,
Welcome back and thanks for the compliment. We've been dreaming about the Czech Republic a lot recently. It's high season for black walnuts over there right now...

Michelle just made some plum-honey preserve yesterday, and we'll be making apple- and pear-based preserves (most likely l'Autrichienne and the pear-vanilla-bourbon preserve, but maybe some apple and tea gelée, too) and oignons confits over the next week or so. Let us know if any of those are appealing to you and I'm sure we can work something out. And if Michelle decides to make any others, we'll let you know. You can always try contacting us at: