Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cocoa Locale

Reema and Murad in action
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I have made two trips already to Montreal's newest cake shop, Cocoa Locale. It must be the city's tiniest bakery. It is as cute as a button, sweetly done in pink and brown (one of my favourite combinations). Its selection changes daily: cakes, cookies and tarts of all kind. I must recommend the chocolate cupcake. It is impossibly moist. The spicy brownie also piqued my interest. Next time. I am super-thrilled for the owner, Reema, who has dreamed of having her own bakery since before I can remember. Go and take a look-see. You owe it to yourself.

Cocoa Locale: 4807 ave du Parc, near Villeneuve.


chocolate cupcake
Originally uploaded by michelle1975.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pink flowers arrangement and delicious looking chocolate cupcake too!

S said...

ah! it looks SO cute! can't wait to see this place!

Iso G. said...

Airmail me one. Please.

michel said...

just picked up half a dozen valhrona chocolate cupcakes. divine!

Anonymous said...

If you want to taste "divine", go to itsi-bitsi. They have more flavours and IMHO they are much better (taste like the one your grandma used to bake).



jules said...

You don't need to go anywhere else for cupcakes, not itsi bitsi or whatever...

Reema's bakery offers the BEST cupcakes and cakes and the best service and its worth going there a million times.

Congratulations Reema on your Bakery and your fabulous chocolate chai cakes, cupcakes, cookies, spicy brownies and the cutest bakery anywhere in the world!

Anonymous said...

I went to Cocoa Locale recently and was disappointed in their cupcakes.Although the vanilla one was good, I found the cake quite dry actually.

As for the chocolate-chai one that everyone raves about, I was first asked if I was going to eat it right away, and after I said no, she gave me one from behind the glass which was so cold it was practically frozen! which lead me to doubt the freshness of the cupcakes sold here in general. When I did eat it (it was still really cold)the cake was quite dry and the icing unimpressive.

There have GOT to be better cupcakes than this in Montreal!