Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Buy my preserves!

You may have been wondering why I've been a little slow to post lately. It's all because when I haven't been at work, I've been locked in my kitchen making preserves to sell at Puces Pop, Pop Montreal's Indie Fair, coming up this weekend. (Well, OK, I've also been playing with the cats a lot.) I've got plum-honey jam, carrot-cardamom confiture, rhubarb-grapefruit preserve, confiture de lait (a.k.a. dulce de leche), pear-vanilla-bourbon butter, white peach and raspberry preserve, Seville orange maramlade, and l'Autrichienne, an apple-walnut preserve which was a favourite from last year's Christmas gift-giving. There may even be a few jars of Meyer lemon marmalade available (!).

You can stock up on preserves this Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd, from 11:00-7:00, at the Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal Armory Building, 3721 Henri-Julien (& Pine, or "Avenue des Pins," if you like). There will also be local clothing designers, publishers, and record labels selling their wares.

Of course, if you just want to stop by, taste some of my FREE SAMPLES, and meet me, my sister, and maybe even Anthony, that's cool, too.

For more information on Puces Pop (in case you're wondering, the name refers to marché aux puces, French for flea market), check out their website: http://puces.popmontreal.com/index_e.html

See you there.



kelli ann said...
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kelli ann said...

... another mail-order request for Endless Banquet--

i won't be in town this w-e, but i have to have some of the carrot/cardamom and the lemon marmelade. let me know when you're out the Townships way, and i'll let you know what flavours to bring, 'K?

in the meantime, i'll put the word out. good luck with the sale!

S said...

Michelle, it's great your doing this! best of luck(even if you don't need it!)

Randi said...

Good Luck!! I've sold a few jars of my jam here too. Care to share the recipe for plum honey? I just bought some reduced ripe plums.

Anonymous said...

Mmm mmm! Got me some carrot-cardamom confit! Oh yeah, I recommend it. Actually, as I told Michelle, it reminded me of carrot halva. That's always a good thing.

Ooh, I forgot to mention when I saw you that I read a pretty entertaining article in the latest issue of Harper's Magazine about the Food Network and food photography. You should check it out. The issue, overall, is also a good one.

aj kinik said...

Hi SJ,
Wow, thanks for the instant feedback! We're glad you like the carrot-cardamom confit. It is very much in the spirit of carrot halva. That's probably why I like it so much.

Haven't read that Harper's article yet, but we're subscribers, so it's kicking around somewhere. I'm looking forward to finally sitting down and reading it.

gth said...

Shoot!!! Missed your sale. Any leftovers??
Noticed you were making dulche de leche.
A few weeks ago I had these buns at Patesserie Roma which had dulche de leche filling. Similar in shape and build to a Swedish "Semla". But NO MORE. The baker that made them was Argentinian and now he has left. Can you make them?