Saturday, August 13, 2005

We're back!

That's right, we're back from our trip to San Fran and environs and, boy, do we have stories to tell. We just spent the evening telling tales of orchards, oysters, and handmade coffees. We had to get ourselves warmed up for the flurry of posting that it's going to take to get y'all caught up.

The photo above doesn't have a whole lot to do with food, but it does have a whole lot to do with Vertigo, and Vertigo was an important part of our trip. We re-watched Vertigo just prior to leaving in order to bone up for our trip and we tried to make as many Vertigo-related stops as possible while we were away, from San Juan Bautista to Muir Woods to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to Mission Dolores.

I picked up The New York Times in the airport for our flight home and I noticed in the obituaries section that Barbara "Midge" Bel Geddes had passed away. We'd made numerous references to Midge and her Telegraph Hill apartment over the course of our stay. Others may have known her as "Miss Ellie," but she'll always be Midge to us.

When we showed up in San Juan Bautista we found signs of other Vertigo pilgrims:

It was hard to frame out the tourists at Muir Woods, but somehow I managed. When we went out for a 4-hour hike afterwards we discovered that tourists don't hike (at least not the ones who go to Muir Woods):

At Mission Dolores we found a totally unexpected trace of Montreal in the form of a statue commemorating "the Lily of the Mohawks," but no trace of Carlotta:

We hit the Palace of the Legion of Honor on our final day in San Francisco. We got let in for free because the museum was just about to close, but, again, we found no sign of "beautiful Carlotta, sad Carlotta."

Michelle complained that an earlier version of this post ended abruptly. I had to remind her that Vertigo also ends rather abruptly.


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