Monday, July 18, 2005


"Spring Borscht" at Batory
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Considering just how devoted we are to Euro-Deli Batory, it's really kind of shocking how we've managed to all but ignore them thusfar in " endless banquet" (with the exception of a single, measly mention in our Montreal Food Guide). I think we overcompensated, or something, assuming that when we started this blog we'd end up writing every third post about Batory and their amazing homestyle Polish fare. I mean, really, if we're totally honest with ourselves, there's probably no other restaurant that we've frequented as much over the last 4+ years. True, our Batory habit was a weekly one a while back, and we've been going there much more sporadically over the last several months, but our devotion hasn't waned in the least. We're still just as committed to their perogie plates, to their kielbasa with spicy mustard (always the spicy mustard!), to their cole slaw, and to their assortment of borschts. Everything is very authentic, the prices are unbelievably reasonable, and the people who run the restaurant are ridiculously nice.

In the summer, one of our favorite treats is Batory's "Spring Borscht." It's creamy, it's got lots of dill and chives in it, and, best of all, it's cold. Few things taste as good on a hot, muggy summer day. And if you've got some kind of stupid summer cold, like I did last Saturday, all the better. This is all the tonic you'll ever need.

Euro-Deli Batory, 115 St Viateur W., 948-2161



Anonymous said...

I think that for a head cold your mom's chicken soup is still definitely the best!

aj kinik said...

Yeah, but when mom's chicken soup isn't readily available, you've gotta look into other options.
Believe me, on a hot and steamy day, it's pretty hard to beat the Spring Borscht. The proof is in the pudding: it worked.

aj kinik said...

Oh, by the way:
just as the black cherry cola is required drinking with a smoked meat sandwich, Batory's selection of Polish juices with the "talking bottlecaps" (the underside of each bottlecap has a message "from" the bottle/bottlecap--if you don't read Polish, ask your friendly waitperson to translate--the first time I asked one of the waitstaff at Batory to translate one of these caps, he took a look, paused, blushed, and then replied "I dream about you every night"--priceless) are a necessary part of any meal at Batory.