Friday, July 01, 2005

The Three "R's"

the scene outside of Roma
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So, first and foremost, this entry is on the topic of ice cream. Secondly, it features three places where you can get ice cream in Montreal that begin with the letter "R". And thirdly, but importantly, this entry focuses on affordability at a time when the price of just a simple summer ice cream cone has inflated to absurd proportions at many of the city's crèmeries.

Roma is an Italian bakery and pastry shop that's renowned for its foccacia, its pizza, and its "old-school" pastries like the practically phantasmagoric ones seen here:

Pastries at Roma
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What a lot of people don't realize, though, is that Roma also serves up their own homemade gelatos and sorbettos from a small counter inside. You can't get a cone there, but you for a mere $2.00 you can get a very generous portion of, say, their fine Limone, with just the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Then you can park it on St. Laurent, savor your flavor, and take in the colorful Little Italy scene, like we did.

Roma, 6776 St. Laurent Blvd., 273-9357

Operating out of a tiny little storefront located right in the thick of the action along the Main north of Avenue des Pins, Ripples has been a frozen dessert hot spot for almost 20 years now. They feature two prize-winning flavors: their French Vanilla and their unbelievably intense 6x Chocolate (otherwise known as Chocolat XXXXXX), but our favorites also include their spicy Ginger, a rather powerful Capuccino, and their wonderful sorbets, including Guava-Grapefruit and Strawbery-Banana.

Best of all, the prices at Ripples have remained very reasonable, and on those days when you just want a teeny-weeny little taste of something, you can still get a mini (we prefer to call them "micro-minis") there for a mere 50¢ (!).

Ripples, 3880 St. Laurent Blvd., 842-1697

Last, but not least, depite the fact that Montreal has a rather sizeable Italian population, the city is shockingly devoid of gelaterias. One of the only true gelaterias in town, and an exceptionally good one at that, is Roberto's, located on the eastern fringes of Little Italy. All the classics are there, including Baci, Torrone, and Zuppa Inglesa, but on a recent visit, it was the sorbettos--like Pear and (especially) Litchi--that were blowing us away.

the selection at Roberto's
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And, once again, the prices at Roberto's have remained very reasonable. A single only sets you back $2.25, while a double is only 50¢ more.

Roberto's, 2221 Bélanger E., 374-9844


kelli ann said...

a most enthusiastic *yes, yes!* for the italian-style ice cream at Roberto's. happened upon it last week & was immediately transported to early summer 1995 in Rome. and *grins* nothing comes between a pregnant lady and a cup of pistachio gelato!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this very useful post.

A request[inspired by this post]: Could you guys pls write more about what is available in Montreal and where?

Thanks in Advance.


aj said...

Kelli Ann,
glad you enjoyed your visit to Roberto's--we had a serious hankering for Roberto's last night--unfortunately it was Monday and they were closed (!!!)--tough break...

We write quite a lot about the Montreal food scene and where to find things--check out our Montreal Food Guide for a start--you can find it on our sidebar

Anonymous said...

Good work Michelle and so refreshing to read especially on a hot day!