Wednesday, March 30, 2005

When in San Francisco

Of all the writers, chefs and cooks I admire (and believe me, the list is long), there is one I hold nearest to my heart, though I have never met her, nor read anything she’s ever written. In fact, I’ve never tasted any of her wares. Maybe it’s because her name sounds like she’s a British folk singer from the sixties… She’s June Taylor, San Francisco’s jam-making queen. Working with local and organic fruits, she concocts amazing-sounding jams in small batches, selling them in local shops, markets and online. The fact that her workspace is called the Still-Room only adds to the already charming operation.
She produces small-batch preserves, which means making only about 30 jars per batch. To have a look at her catalogue, click here.
The New York Times Magazine recently had a story on her by Amanda Hesser. You can find it on her website linked above and read the whole story. That’s where I found the recipe for the Meyer Lemon and Grapefruit Marmalade that I made a few days ago.
It took hardly any time, and the results were amazing. I can only imagine what the jams she makes taste like.
This one, with its fine grapefuit peel shred and chunks of Meyer lemon, had enough texture to withstand being spread on toast without losing its integrity. The colour, a pretty pink with variations of yellow and orange, was jewel-like. The taste was perfectly balanced between sweet and tart. I highly recommend this recipe, and wish she'd share more of them with us, in a book, perhaps? And if you are ever in the San Francisco area, she gives workshops from time to time on jam-making. I can't imagine a weekend better spent.

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Kareen said...

That looks very good, I hope you will share with your co-worker at Les Chevres, ;-) .