Monday, March 21, 2005


Last night was Michelle's surprise birthday party. It wasn't quite her birthday, which added to the element of surprise. She had no idea. She was sure she was going to Mahli Sweets for Indian with her parents, Nicole and Ivan, and myself. Then a strange set of clues appeared mysteriously and she found herself on some kind of hunt for a "birthday surprise." After she figured out the answer to the final clue, she wound up at La Sala Rosa (4848 St. Laurent Blvd.) for a surprise tapas dinner and birthday bash.

We quickly formed "affinity groups" and began ordering tapas of all sorts. Mine was like "affinity group gone wild." We ordered about 32 different items under DJ Slutsky's stewardship. By now, many of you know that La Sala Rosa serves the best, most generous tapas in town. If you haven't had the pleasure of dining there yet, RUN. You won't regret it.

Q: What kind of birthday cake do you get for a girl who can bake (nearly) everything?
A: Ice-cream cake.

Michelle had been wondering out loud for weeks if Le Bilboquet (1311 Bernard W.) was open again. She was dying to have some of their legendary tire d'erable ice cream, which is only available during sugaring off season. Yesterday, she decided the two of us HAD to go for a cone. Problem is, I had already reserved a tire d'erable ice-cream cake for her birthday. Somehow I managed to convince her that I didn't "have the time."

Thanks to Kazi, Nicole, Helen and Michal for making last night's party possible. Thanks to Hermine and Thea for their little white lies. And thanks also to everyone else who made it out last night.

Our official paparazzo for last night's festivities was Ivan. Only one of the photos above wasn't taken by Ivan. It's the one of Ivan, taken by me.



Anonymous said...

Ivan says:

Grfkelleduqlwj jwksjshdhggfyeryuqwksj.

I have a recipe for you, it is this:

take 2 pieces of bread, put some lettuce in and put some veggie paté and some pickles. that's it!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday again Michelle.
Mom and dad.

Iso G said...

Happy belated surprise birthday, M.

Anonymous said...


Your party sounded like a real blast and that 'tire d'erable' cake must have been something else too !!!

Thank you to Ivan for his photos, we really enjoyed looking at them in Saudi Arabia!

Bon Anniversaire!

Renee & John

snax and the city said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!
A cake from Le Bilboquet sounds amazing - we still reminisce and rave about their lychee sorbet!

Mary Ann & Rex

kelli ann said...

bonne fête Michelle!! what a great dinner that must have been.

cheers! ( i always end up making my own cake, which takes a bit out of the element of surprise...)

sandy said...

Hello and Happy Birthday Michelle!

DiaGnostic said...