Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gianduja-filled chocolates

Gianduja-filled chocolates
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The chocolate exam is over. It was the first exam I actually broke a sweat over, although I had never had any problem tempering before. It took forever to get the chocolate tempered, and the room had a breeze, which didn't help. I over-heated it twice and ended up dipping my ganache in a little pool of chocolate in the crater of the hardened rest. Whatever. It's over. I got 100%. I am never going to temper chocolate in a bowl again.
These are gianduja-filled chocolates I made as part of my exam. Gianduja is a hazelnut-flavoured chocolate which is particularily smooth. These were good. I wish I could eat one right now...



Anonymous said...

Bonjour Michelle!

Bravo for your chocolate exam!
I wish I could eat one right now too ...


DiaGnostic said...

Hey Michelle and where is mine? They look very tasty.


Rachael said...

Oh my heavens, you MADE those? You are a goddess! They look SENSATIONAL! Bravo on your exam too!