Friday, January 14, 2005

Petits Fours

coffee petit four
Originally uploaded by ajkinik.

I don't know what it is about these things that makes them irresistible...
Is it the shiny glaze, which is often a dainty baby pink (but in this case is cappuccino-hued)?
The buttercream layered between slices of cake?
The cute size, only one or two bites big?
The complete nightmare they are to make?
I don't even mind the absurd attention to detail they require.
When I see them gleaming up at me, it is worth everything.
The fact that most people find them kind of "tacky" and "way too sweet" doesn't deter me.
I love them.
If I had daughters, I would make these for their tea time (and for their dolls, too).



Anonymous said...

Oh I love them too...
Did you make the one on the picture?
Can I be your daughter? Or her doll?

michelle said...

Yes, I made that one, and 17 others just like it.
Let me know if you want some the next time I make them.
It could be soon...