Saturday, January 22, 2005

Madeleines, Pt. 3

tiny rose madeleine flowers
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I know these Madeleines aren't classical in shape, but I wanted to make miniature rose-flavoured ones and thought what better mold to use than my tiny flower one? I found it in a toy store in Bonn, Germany, in the cutest "kitchen" section I have ever seen. They had tiny groceries, pots and pans, ovens, shopping bags... They also had all kinds of toy molds which were made of metal. I couldn't see any reason why I couldn't use one in a real oven, so I bought one to try. A couple of weeks ago I decided to test my flower mold out with this new recipe.
These Madeleines were delicate and cute, perfect for yet another of my tiny tea parties. The recipe I used would fall under what I would call a "nouveau" type of Madeleine, one which diverges from the plain or lemon-flavoured classics. I have tried tea-infused ones--I used a recipe from Chez Pim--and they were excellent. They had just the right amount of "nouveau" to them. I wouldn't want to go too far into the realm of fusion with Madeleines, but a bit of experimentation can produce something unexpected and delicious... It can also justify all those special little molds you might have in your kitchen cupboard.


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Iso G said...

You know that batch of madeleines we got when we were there at Xmas didn't make it past the runway taxi at Dorval (or PET, I guess).

Can I suggest a 2006 calendar for next year? Something for the kitchen would be nice.