Sunday, January 16, 2005

City of Cake

This is a cityscape cake that Reema and I made this weekend for a party hosted by Studio XX here in Montreal. According to Robert Filliou, art was born some 1,000,042 years ago. We were commissioned to make some kind of a virtual urban landscape as art's birthday cake.

Now that it's over, I can breathe easier--we didn't run out of cake, it tasted great, and we managed to get it to the venue in one piece.

Funnily enough, the New York Times just ran an article today in their magazine about a woman in New York City who delivers high-end cakes for a living. We were stressed enough trying to get our creation down three flights of stairs and into a cab--I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to drop off a $25,000 cake in downtown New York during a heatwave. Believe me, she earns every cent she makes.

The cakes we made came in three different flavours: vanilla, lemon and chocolate.

This is by far the largest cake I've ever made (it was big enough to feed 150 people!). Thank God Reema and I worked together on this one. Now the only question is: in order to celebrate, do we treat ourselves to a fancy dinner, or buy some bigger cake pans...

And yes, those are little marzipan cars and trees... M. Filliou would have approved, I'm sure.


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Anonymous said...

Nice, the streetlamps and fireworks are cool too.
Enjoying your blog, sandy