Sunday, December 19, 2004

Our first annual " endless banquet" christmas party, pt. 1

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vegan, w/ homemade baba ganouj, pickled cucumber, pickled red pepper, cherry tomatoes, parsley
vegetarian, w/ potato salad, cheese, pickled cucumber, pickled red pepper, hard-boiled egg, parsley
and three more traditional types: garlicky beef sausage, smoked turkey, and mild salami, w/ potato salad, cheese, pickled cucumber, pickled red pepper, hard-boiled egg, parsley
(served on rye, baguette, and parisien loaves)

Hors d’oeuvres:
assorted crackers with havarti, emmental, or cream cheese, and oignons confits, plum preserve, or smoked salmon

Glazed ham, w/ challah rolls and Dijon mustard

Czech-style potato salad

“Sarajevo-style” eggplant dip w/ bread

Christmas pudding w/ brandy butter

Christmas cookies w/ chocolate & vanilla icing


Kir Royales

Homemade Egg Nog



Anonymous said...

Will try these over the holidays and many thanks for an enjoyable articulation of life's rich bounty, arranged for our pleasure. Authors, please consider Southern U.S. sojourn. we'll treat you to delights unknown in Northerly North America. Such as, hot chicken at Prince's in Nashville (if she's quiet, it will make her a screamer, if she's a screamer, it will get you arrested); fried catfish at Ezells in Butler, Ala., cooked whole and on the bone like you'd find in Vietnam. Hannah's famous mac-and-cheese,chocolate date-nut bars. Game dinners of backstrap venison, wood duck, quail and dove. These and many more, including the unusual, out of the way and truly hedonistic experiences that come from these parts. Missing you and ready to meet Michelle. JFL

aj kinik said...

Thanks, JFL

We could use a little Southern comfort right about now--the windchill's been -40 C for the last two days (not uncommon around these parts in January and February, but more or less unheard of in the days before Christmas). Actually, come to think of it, we could use a little Southern Comfort, too. Our state-run liquor stores are on strike, with no end to the disagreement in sight. The situation is grim, my friend. Oh, Canada...

So: tell Prince's to get the hot chicken ready!

Also: any chance Hannah might want to share her famous mac & cheese recipe? We're collecting them.


Anonymous said...

I must say, those beautiful pictures from the party truly depict the elaborate, artisinal spread. Accusations of airbrushing or photoshop employment can be immediately relinguished. Send any non-believers my way. Thanks again for the smashing fiesta. I appreciated the vegan-friendly atmosphere (despite the muffled taunts and dirty looks from some of your less-eloquent guests). Keep it coming.

Ades Rocka