Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Mighty Lawrence...

...just got mightier.

sign of the pig fig. a:  at the sign of the pig

The good, good people at Lawrence (the restaurant) have now opened a "boucherie de quartier" (a neighbourhood butcher shop) and they've hit the ground running.  The space is airy, minimal, and tastefully appointed, the coolers are fully stocked (with the usual--chicken, pork, beef, lamb--plus sausages, pâtés and other charcuterie, and smoked fish), the walk-in features a huge, full-length window so you can check out their lovely stock in all its glory, the prep area is open and brightly lit, and they're offering sandwiches that are already among the very best in all of Mile End (if not beyond).  

Bouch Law.001 fig. b:  panoramic view

Today's choices included smoked ham, roast beef, and porchetta, and they all came fully loaded on house-baked bread or rolls.  

Other pluses include house-made yogurt, free-range eggs, preserves by Preservation Society, and one of my absolute favourite Canadian cheeses:  PEI's Avonlea cloth-bound cheddar.  Good coffee, too.  

And all of this is on Day 1.  I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Boucherie Lawrence, 5237 St-Laurent (Mile End), 277-8880


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