Friday, January 29, 2010

Calling all Anise fans! Calling all Bazaar fans!

Just a quick note to let all you Anise/Bazaar fans know that Laloux is hosting Anise's former chef, Racha Bassoul, for a special tasting menu. With our new chef (and Racha Bassoul protégé), Seth Gabrielse!

fig. a: reunited, and it feels so good*

Two nights only: Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 10th. Here's the deal: six courses, including foie gras, for $80 without the wine pairings, or $120 with the wine pairings.

What's for dessert? Glad you asked: a rose & cardamom-scented semolina pudding with a fresh orange salad (Seville & blood oranges, to be specific), candied pistachios, and a dash of rose water.

To reserve, call (514) 287-9127. For more information, take a look here.

And to all you modern lovers: you can find our St. Valentine's day menu here.

Laloux, 250 Ave. des Pins E.


*photo: Christine Bourgier

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S Lloyd said...

Ah, thanks for the update, I was curious to know who was going to replace Eric Gonzalez. Now we know and I will give the new chef a try for sure.