Wednesday, June 26, 2013

St-Jean Strawberry/BBQ Social Wrap-up

strawberry social fig. a:  street-level view

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Yes, thank you so much for making our St-Jean event such a success!

It was a beautiful summer day (a real one!) and everything proceeded swimmingly.  We sold out of smoky NC-style chopped pork barbecue (two big shoulders' worth!) by about 3:00 PM.  We sold out of Savouré's delicious strawberry soda by about 4:00 PM.  And we sold our very last portion of strawberry shortcake at about 4:45 PM, just minutes before closing time.

Even better:  the wonderful folks at Mile End Community Mission were thrilled to get a sizeable (and completely unexpected) donation on Tuesday morning.  Happy St-Jean, indeed!

We saw a lot of old friends, and met a lot of new ones.  People ate inside, out on the steps, or took their portions to go.  One patron set a new Strawberry Social record:  one BBQ sandwich and four portions of strawberry shortcake!  We painted the fire hydrant strawberry red for the occasion.  We hired a little girl to ride back and forth on her scooter in a strawberry-red top.*  Even the CBC showed up to interview Michelle for the afternoon show.  It was perfect.  We couldn't have been happier with the results.

God bless Strawberry Shortcake and ole-time BBQ!


* Michelle had demoed an awesome strawberry-themed outfit for herself a few days earlier,

strawberry outfit fig. b:  red on red on red...

but it ended up being a little too steamy for this particular get-up.  Too bad.

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