Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the Horizon 3: The Return of the Strawberry Social! (now with more BBQ!)

strawberry by MS fig. a:  Strawberry Shortcake was here

St. Jean Strawberry Social, featuring Mile End/St. Louis BBQ #1

" endless banquet" is kicking off the Fruit Social Season for 2013 with a special St. Jean Strawberry Social.  This time we'll setting up a pop-up at Espace Pop, at 5587 avenue du Parc, just north of St-Viateur, and we'll be doing so on "la Fête de la St. Jean," Monday, June 24, between 1:00 and 5:00 PM.

strawberry shortcake fig. b:  strawberry socialism

We'll have unbelievably delicious strawberry shortcake (with fresh Quebec strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and Michelle's nonpareil shortcake) on offer, as well as Savouré strawberry soda, and our own homemade iced tea.  And we'll also be teaming up with Mile End/St. Louis BBQ #1 to bring you some honest-to-goodness, Carolina-style, hickory-smoked, chopped pork sandwiches, with all the fixin's you might need to reach Hog Heaven.

early Lexington BBQ fig. c:  ole time BBQ

We'll be raising money to support one of our favourite local charities, Mile End Community Mission, a.k.a. Mile End Mission, who've been a fixture of the neighbourhood for years, helping out the most at-risk members of the local community with "practical, emotional, and spiritual" assistance, including a Food Bank that serves the needs of over 100 people each and every week.  All proceeds from our Strawberry Social / BBQ will go directly to the Mile End Community Mission.

god bless strawberry shortcake fig. d:  ole time strawberry short cake

So drop on by to grab a sandwich, a drink, and/or a strawberry shortcake, to make a donation to the Mile End Mission, or to just say "hey, y'all."

who:  AEB + Mile End/St-Louis BBQ #1
what:  an afternoon of tasty treats and positive action
where:  Espace Pop, 5587 avenue du Parc (just above St-Viateur), in Mile End.
when:  Monday, June 24th, 1:00 to 5:00 pm.
why:  because you love barbecue and strawberry shortcake and you want to make a difference.
how:  just drop on by.

See you soon, God Bless Strawberry Shortcake, God Bless Ole Time BBQ, and vive le do-good-isme!


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