Monday, April 01, 2013

Today's loaves today 1

dan pump1

dan pump2

dan pump3 figs. a-c:  testing 1-2-3

Easter Monday. Tests on AEB's sourdough Danish pumpernickel are going exceedingly well. Great with sweet butter. Great with cream cheese and tomatoes. Great with Old Amsterdam aged Gouda.  Testing continues. Desperately Seeking Smoked Fish.

News update: Michelle declared the following the "Best sandwich ever!": 2 x slices Danish pumpernickel, mayonnaise, Old Amsterdam, AEB spicy pickles, lettuce. I'm pretty sure she was exaggerating somewhat, but I know the feeling. Dense, moist, hearty with the taste of rye, crusty, somewhat salty, a touch sweet, and full of that wonderful toasted caraway flavour--this is a loaf that's got it all goin' on.



bean said...

A sourdough rye free-form loaf?! My dream come true. Recipe please!

aj kinik said...

Sorry, bean,
I'm feeling a little proprietary about this one, but I will tell you that the recipe is a riff on Chad Robertson's rye from Tartine Bread.