Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten #42

arthur bryant's 1

1. Arthur Bryant's, Kansas City, MO


2. Sally's Apizza, New Haven, CT

kbsp picnic

3. swimming, hiking, antiquing, pizzaing, and picnicking in Vermont

4. The Trip, dir. Winterbottom

the wall 1

5. summer socials

demolished thoughts

6. Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts (Matador) + Bardo Pond, Whiteout w/ Thurston Moore, and Metal Mountains @ Le Poisson Rouge, June 18, NYC

lynn's 1

7. Liquor Barn + Lynn's Paradise, Louisville, KY

8. hauling wedding cakes from Montreal to NYC + Fatty 'Cue, NYC + Hot Bird, NYC

country ham

9. Newsom's Old Mill Store, Princeton, KY

10. Fleetwood Sack @ Casa del Popolo, August 12, Montreal


p.s. & Jack Layton. R.I.P.


a.l.m. said...

I'm curious: what is the book on the picnic table?

aj kinik said...

It's Richard Olney's autobiography, Reflexions.